Lochsa Engineering

Founded in 1995 in Las Vegas, Nevada by two University of Idaho graduates, Lochsa Engineering is an innovative and value driven engineering, surveying, and BIM design firm. Named after the Lochsa River in Northern Idaho, Lochsa (pronounced lock-saw) means “rough waters” in the Native American Nez Perce language it is with that spirit that Lochsa Engineering chooses to navigate towards technically challenging projects while focusing on delivering creative and effective results. Our firm has the experience and expertise to develop advanced and often pioneering solutions for a sizable range of construction types.

Our dedication to cultivating new relationships, building a cohesive design team, and delivering operative project solutions has earned us the trust and credibility from a variety of clients in the private and public sectors, governmental agencies, architectural firms, and building contractors. We look forward to making your concept a reality.

Lochsa River, Idaho


We do what we do

To exceed expectations so people feel valued, supported and respected



We do what we do

Through education, innovation, experience and relationships



We do

Structural and civil engineering, surveying, BIM design and more



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50 States & More

Lochsa currently has engineers and principals that hold Professional Engineer and/or Structural Engineering licenses in all 50 United States, as well as Puerto Rico, and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.